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Introduction to the Art Department and working with scripts

Talk + Q&A with Sarah Hauldren, Production Designer/Art Director (Chicken Run 2, Gosford Park)


Research and Moodboards

Adobe photoshop moodboard workshop

Talk + Q&A with Kaush Bharti, Graphics/Art Director (I MAY DESTORY YOU, Doctor Strange)

Film Programme


Surveying and Scale Drawing

Talk + Q&A with Chloe James, Set Decorator (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Robin Hood)


Routes into the Industry 

Beauty & The Beast case study

Design Challenge Brief


Graphic Prop and Model making workshops


Talk + Q&A with Laura Bishop, Standby Art Director (People Just Do Nothing, Holby City)

Personal Design Work

Virtual Tour of Bottle Yard Studios and working set

Talk + Q&A with Alison Adams, Graphic Designer (My Mad Fat Diary, Sherlock Holmes)

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