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Production Designer 

'Production designers create the way a film or TV drama looks. Films can be set in any number of places; a Victorian orphanage, a Caribbean cruise ship, or another planet, for example. They work with all the other visual departments, costume, lighting, visual and special effects, and graphic design. They help create the visual world in which the story is set. 

Production designers start with the script. Researching and collaborating with the director, director of photography and other heads of department, they imagine the screenplay visually. They draw sketches showing mood, atmosphere, lighting, composition, colour and texture, which are given to the art director to develop.

Then they work with other art department members to draw up a budget.  They prioritise the work schedule and allocate the management of finances to team members performing different tasks. They are usually freelancers' (Screen Skills)

Jade Healy (Marriage Story)
talking about how character can inform production design

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