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Post Camp Bursaries
Funded by BFI and DFE, but managed by CTS


Open to all participants who have successfully completed the week !!!

The Bursary is to spend on a piece of personal career development (Up to £200) related to the Art Department, so far we have funded: 

  • Copic Markers (£122)

  • 12 month subscription to Wix to host portfolio (£78)

  • Fee for an Art Department Course (£180)

  • Art department materials for a specific film project (£140)

  • Six Months of Adobe Photoshop (£120)

It can't be:

  • Hardware​

  • Equipment (cameras or laptops)​​

The bursaries are up to £200 but they aren’t intended as a cash award up to that value for every participant. We would rather pay for a specific item/product or contribute to a specific project.

Recipients will be chosen based on a combination of First Come, First Serve and our own assessment of their need.


We have a budget to spend, once it's gone, it's gone. 

How to apply​:

  • Send an email to

  • Explain what you want to buy and why – how will it help your career?​

  • Include a screen shot or evidence of cost​

  • We will assess requests and make payment​

  • Include your bank details​

  • Deadline is June 30th 2023

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